Verifying Pending Templates Before Publishing

An Organization Administrator has access to the administrator inbox, where they can view and access the drafts currently pending approval in their organization. Workspace Owners can approve pending drafts by viewing the template in their workspace. Approved templates can be downloaded and will also be made available to sync in the Dyspatch API.

Admin Inbox View

Selecting a template from the administrator inbox will take you to the template editor screen. Select Preview to send a copy of the email to yourself or to preview the email on different email clients and devices.

Admin's view of a Pending Template in the Editor


If everything on the template looks great, select the Feedback button and choose Approve. Once the draft is approved, it becomes the new published template and the template's content will be locked to prevent any changes. The content of the template can now be exported and will be available via the API. Click here to learn more about the Dyspatch API.

Requesting Changes

If there are modifications that are needed before the template can be approved, you can request changes on the template by selecting the Reject button.

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