Organizing Templates in Dyspatch

Make use of our workspaces and folders to manage your Dyspatch templates and help your team stay organized.


The top-level of organization in Dyspatch are workspaces. An Organization Administrator can set user access and permissions for each workspace individually. This means that if you have separate teams working on your marketing and your transactional emails, you can use two different workspaces to ensure that you’re only granting your users access to the templates that they are working with.

Dyspatch Workspaces


Use folders within a workspace to further sort and organize your templates. Your workspace can contain up to 100 folders and templates at the top level, and each folder can contain up to 100 templates — this gives you a lot of space to keep your team organized. Use the Action menu to move folders between Workspaces.

Creating a new folder

Moving Templates

You can organize templates by dragging and dropping a template into the proper folder or workspace. To remove a template from a folder, drag and drop it to the workspace name at the top of the screen. Templates can be also dragged and dropped into another workspace — as long as you have at least Editor permissions in both the current and target workspaces.

Moving a template in and out of a folder with drag-and-drop
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