Bulk Updating Blocks

Quickly update blocks across all templates.

Sometimes you need to update a logo, change a copyright date, or even fix a mistake across all templates where the block is used. To help you do that you can use Dyspatch's Bulk Update workflow.

Bulk updating blocks only takes a few steps:

  1. Update the block you're interested in, then click the drop down menu next to the Save button
  2. Review the drafts that are going to update
  3. Type "CONFIRM" in the confirmation box
  4. Click the confirmation button

By default, bulk updating will only affect unlocked drafts. To also update all published and locked drafts, check the optional "Update published and submitted templates" box.

You're done! Each draft will have the updated block content. Sit back, relax, and reflect about all the work you saved in not having to update each and every email. Completed bulk block update

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