Using the Canva Integration to Create Images

Canva Button Integration

Canva and Dyspatch allow you to be more creative and develop new design collateral for your emails quickly. Use the Canva button in your blocks, templates, and the image library to access millions of professional Canva designs or to create your very own designs to elevate your emails effortlessly.

Canva Button

The Canva button will take you to Canva, from there you can select or create images which you can then publish to Dyspatch. To use the Canva button, go to your Image Library in Dyspatch, and select the Design with Canva button.

Image Library

Building your Design in Canva

After selecting Design with Canva you will be given the choice to either sign in or create an account. Once you are signed in you are able to start building your designs. You can either select or create new images. When finished, click Submit to Dyspatch and your creation will be uploaded.

Using the Canva Button Within a Block

Another way to use the Canva button is when you are creating/editing a block. When creating a block, if you want to add an image or icon, the Canva button allows you to upload unique creations right to the block you or your team is working on. When inside the block, select Insert Image then from there click the Design with Canva button and it will take you right to your Canva account where you can start to make your designs. The Canva Button is also accessible right inside the Email Editor. When working in the template itself, the Design with Canva will also be available here.

clicking the design with canva button

Ready to Publish your Creation to Dyspatch?

Once you have created or selected an image in Canva that you are satisfied with, you can then Publish to Dyspatch. After publishing it to Dyspatch you can then add the image to the block you are working with.

publishing to dyspatch

The Canva button empowers you to be more creative when creating blocks and templates, and give you the ability to create professional designs on Canva and combine them with the interactive, dynamic email features that Dyspatch offers.

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