Getting Started

Get started with Dyspatch to supercharge collaboration with your team, decentralize email creation, and speed up the production of beautiful emails.

This article will cover the fundamentals of Dyspatch. It will walk through creating, testing, and exporting an email template with our email builder to help get you started right away.

Creating a New Template

To start, let's create a new email templateTemplateA template is an email you can use to send personalized emails to your customers. You can build templates in our email editor by stacking and editing blocks.. Head into your workspace by selecting it in the sidebar under the Workspaces section. Workspaces are like folders, use them to organize templates. You can also define roles in each workspace to create a template approval system that fits your team.

Inside your workspace screenshot with Create and Template highlighted

Click Create, then Template in your workspace to start building a new email template in the Dyspatch email builder.

Choosing a Theme

Name your template and select the theme you would like to use. The theme sets the style, like fonts or a background color, and determines which blocks are available in the email builder. Themes ensure your branding is consistent across many templates. Every new Dyspatch account is given starting themes, like Colorful, Dark, and Light, so you can start building templates quickly.

Image of the themes Colorful, Dark, and Light that are loaded into all new accounts and are free to use and customize

Using the Email Builder

Drag and drop a block into the preview section to build your template

Drag and drop a blockBlockBlocks are pre-coded, pre-approved, responsive email content. Blocks can be vertically stacked and customized in the email editor to create new emails quickly. from the block library on the left to add it to the template. Click on a block in the right side preview pane to customize the content in the block.

Editing Blocks

Content like text or images can be made editable to maximize a block's reusability in the email builder. A block with editable components can be dropped into the email builder multiple times and each instance of the block can be customized with different content to build up your templates fast.

Blocks that need to be consistent across all templates, like a footer with legal text, can be set up without editable content. This way the block's details can't be edited in the email builder and anyone in your team can feel empowered to build and update email templates without affecting compliant content.

Need more blocks?
Create your own custom blocks with the block editor! Blocks are made using Dyspatch Markup Language (DML). DML is your one-stop-shop for creating new blocks, it has logic, personalizations, and best of all: it simplifies mobile-first email HTML, so you can write less code and be sure it will work across devices and email clients. Check out our article here on block building to learn more.

Testing a Template

Device testing a template will show you how your template will look on all selected devices and email clients

Want to see how your template will look when a customer opens it? Click Preview to open the testing suite where you can test your template out in any of the 90+ available devices, or send yourself a test email to preview it in your inbox. Free trials are set up with 100 previews to get you started testing your templates.

Approval Workflow

Inside the testing suite, select Submit for Approval to get your team to come review a template

Submit a template for review when you feel it's ready for export and you want your team to verify it. To submit the template for approval, select Preview to head into the testing suite then select Submit for Approval.

A submitted template is locked and protected from changes. Your workspace owners and organization admins will be notified that the template is ready for review. All the stakeholders for the template can test the template, chat about it in the comment section, and then approve it for exporting.

Alone in your organization?
You can submit and approve your template by yourself, but Dyspatch is more fun when you can collaborate with your team! Learn how to invite team members to your organization here

Downloading a Published Template

View of a published template in the email builder, where you can click Download to get a copy of your template

When a draft is approved it becomes published and locked from further edits. Now the template is ready to send. Select the Export button in the email builder to export it. Choose which email sending platform you plan to import your template to and download a copy of the template to move into your ESP of choice. Check out our supported ESPs here.

Keep Creating and Collaborating

You've created your first template! What's next?

Add new team members to your organization, set up workspaces, create templates, build custom blocks, design a theme and more! There is so much you can do in Dyspatch to build beautiful emails together.

Here are some articles here in our knowledge base that you might like to check out next:

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