Sharing emails externally with Dyspatch

Dyspatch provides several ways to share your exceptional emails with others to help you quickly collaborate with your tools of choice. Get started by clicking the "Preview" drop down button in the Dyspatch Email Builder.

The varied preview options that Dyspatch

Use the Share Link option when you need direct feedback from stakeholders that do not have Dyspatch access. Anyone with the URL can leave feedback by using Dyspatch's commenting system.

Shareable Link modal

Shareable Links will automatically expire after 48 hours, but can be regenerated by clicking "Share Link" in the preview menu again.

Download as PDF

"Download as PDF" is an excellent option when you have to track feedback in another application or when sharing with stakeholders that might be more comfortable working with PDF files (like your legal department).

An example of an exported PDF file from

PDFs exported from Dyspatch have the subject line and preheader and are fully clickable!

Send Test Email

Sometimes the best way to share an email is as an email. Use the "Send Test Email" option email an example of what's in Dyspatch.

Send preview screen with "Send to Team Members"

Make sure to check the "Send to Team Members" option to send directly to an address. Sending to yourself and forwarding the email will likely cause issues with the email's styling.

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