Draft Stages and Statuses

A draft passes through different stages of work in Dyspatch before becoming an email ready for export. This article outlines the statuses associated with those stages and what each one means for your draft's progress.

Draft Status Overview

The table below provides a quick look at each status a draft can have in Dyspatch.

Status Description
Locked The draft is under review. Blocks and content cannot be changed.
Localizing The draft is in the process of localization. Blocks and content cannot be changed.
Published The draft is a finished email and is available for exporting out of Dyspatch. Blocks and content cannot be changed.
Approved The last previously published draft. Blocks and content cannot be changed.

The Draft Stages and their Statuses

Locked Locked

Workspace collaborators have been notified that the draft is ready for review. A workspace owner or Org Admin can reject the draft to allow work to resume, or approve it to make it a published email. Read more about how draft approval works here: Submitting a Draft For Approval

Localizing Localizing

After creating the content for a draft in a team's base language, this status can be used to freeze edits on the draft while the translations to more languages and locales are created. Check out our Localizing a Template article to find out more about how to localize an email with Dyspatch.

Published Published

This draft is now a completed email that has been reviewed and approved. It is ready for export out of Dyspatch and import into any of your email sending platforms. To find out about Dyspatch's export options, see our Exporting Visual Templates article.

Approved Approved

The previously published draft. This draft stays locked so it can be quickly restored. Learn more about restoring the last published draft with rollback here: Rollback to Republish the Previous Draft.

To make changes to a draft that is locked from editing, duplicate it! Duplicating allows you to keep drafts as a history of the changes made to an email in Dyspatch. This way you can always republish an older draft, or just check them out to see how far you've come!

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