Testing a Template with Multiple Email Clients

Building an email that displays consistently in different email clients can be a challenge. Device Preview in Dyspatch allows you to test an email template so you can make sure your template code is working as intended on a variety of email clients and devices.

Device Testing a Template

Click Preview from the template editor to get to the Device Preview Configurations Page. You can select previews for mobile, web, and desktop email clients.

Configure device previews

Select the devices and clients you wish to preview your email on and click Generate Previews. The most popular email clients are already selected by default.

Device Previews with Sample Data

Dyspatch will use data properties provided in the Sample Data tab to power the dynamic content for your device previews. To learn more about Sample Data, check out our guide here.

Do not include personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive data in device tests. Including such information will negatively impact regulatory compliance and may compromise the security of your customer data.

View Device Previews

View device previews

Click on each box (thumbnail) within a category to get a full-sized view of the specific test device. On the full-sized view, you can click on the arrow buttons or use your arrow keys to navigate through all your generated device tests.

Video Walkthrough

Want to learn more about device testing in Dyspatch? Check out our video walkthrough to learn some extra tips and tricks!

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