Using Conditional Content

Use Dyspatch's Conditional Display feature to add dynamic content to your emails and control what users see.

Using Conditional Display

You can use Conditional Display on any block in Dyspatch. Simply click the "Display Options" tab to bring up the conditional builder:

Display Options Tab

From here you can write a conditional statement for when the block should show. For example, say you only wanted to show a specific block to your gold-tier users. You would need to create a condition that looks something like this:

Gold tier condition

In this example the block will only show when the user_type variable is equal to the word "gold". You can use similar strategies to set up multiple blocks that get shown for different user types. For example, you could set up a block to appear for "silver" tier users.

To help you keep track of which block is using a conditional display Dyspatch will add a "Conditional" tag when you mouse over the block:

Display tag example

Tips and Tricks

Conditional blocks can be incredibly useful tool when building out your emails. Here are some tips and ideas to make the most of the feature:

  • Combine with Data Profiles to quickly test with different data variations

  • Empower your team to use conditional blocks instead of creating one-off code blocks in DML -- it's a replacement for simple dys-if conditions

  • Display targeted content to specific users to try and increase conversions

  • Use it when A/B testing! One group of users sees Block A and the other Block B

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