Understanding Email Guardrails

While you are building your email, Dyspatch's Email Guardrails will flag any potential issues and also provide you with suggestions for any missed opportunities.

Using Email Guardrails

You can find the Email Guardrails window in the Email Builder by clicking on the checkmark icon .

Email Guardrails warning screen

Each warning provides you with a description of the issue and provides a clickable View Warning link to take you directly to the area where the issue is occurring.

Email Guardrails example warning for missing alt texts

Email Guardrails is on by default for all accounts and will only provide warnings and suggestions. This means they do not prevent you from submitting the email for approval and approving an email.

The following is a list of some of the warnings and suggestions you will encounter:

  • Email Sizing to prevent Gmail Clipping
  • Broken Links
  • Prevent Placeholder Links (e.g. example .com)
  • Incorrect syntax and personalization errors
  • Missing translations for localizations
  • Images missing alt text
  • Missing plain text
  • AMP errors
  • and more!

Have a suggestion for a warning or suggestion? Let us know!

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