Using the Email Editor

Drag and drop blocks to assemble your email template. Build, localize, edit, and preview template content all in one place without touching code.

In the Email Editor

Let's take a look at the elements in the editor that will help you assemble an email template.

Add Subject and Preheader

click to add Subject and Preheader in the editor

Enter the subject line and preheader by clicking here. The preheader, also sometimes called preview text, is the text that follows the subject line in an email inbox. Read more about preheaders here.

The Blocks Tab

View of the editor block tab

On the blocks tab you can view the pre-approved blocks available for building your template.

drag and drop a block into the preview section

Drag blocks into the preview section and select a block to customize its content. Editing content in the blocks will automatically update the email preview on the right.

The Data Tab

Email editor sample data tab

Add preview data in JSONJsonJSON is a format for representing data with key and value pairs, used to store and exchange data. format on the Data tab to power the dynamic content in your template. Preview data helps you test your template with personalized content filled in, so you can see what the final the look of your email will be. Read more about how Preview Data works in our article about the Data Tab here.

The Localizations Tab

Email editor localizations tab

The Localizations tab is where you create and manage different localized versions of your template. To learn more about localizationLocalizationThe process of creating different language and locale-specific content for a template., read our localizing a template article.

The Metadata Tab

Email editor metadata tab

The Metadata tab is where you enter your ‘From’ and ‘Reply’ details for your email, such as ‘Sender’ and ‘Reply To’ names and email addresses. You can also see the template's ID on this tab. Our setting up metadata article has more information available.

Saving, Testing, and Submitting a Draft

Email editor complete draft

To create a new draft or to view a list of existing drafts, click the draft name, in this case "First draft". You can also save your draft at the top. Click the Preview button to test your email on a variety of devices and email clients with device testing, send a test email, or to submit your draft for approval.

Video Walkthrough

Want to see our email builder in action? Check out our video walkthrough to learn some extra tips and tricks!

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