Managing Workspaces in an Organization

Use Workspaces to organize your emails.

Workspaces can reflect how your organization assigns access to a group of emails, whether that is according to team, ESP, purpose, or customer visibility. All users added to a workspace will have access to the emails within that workspace.

Admin Workspace List View

Create a Workspace

Click Create a Workspace on the Workspaces Page then add a name and description for that space.

You can also assign ownership of the workspace to an individual by email, or to a Team you have created. Don't have any Teams yet? Check out Creating a Team.

Admin Workspace Create Screen

Manage Workspace Collaborators

Edit or assign access permissions for Teams and Users by clicking the " menu select icon " for the workspace you would like to edit then selecting View Collaborators in the drop-down. You'll open the collaborator screen where you can edit roles and add new collaborators to the workspace.

Add or Remove Team Collaborators Screen

Read more about what each role can do in a workspace.

Manage Workspace ESPs

You can assign different ESPs, or different accounts from the same ESP service, to individual workspaces. This is convenient when say, your marketing emails need to be kept separate from your transactional emails.

Manage Workspace Permissions for ESP integrations modal

To enable or disable individual ESP integrations per workspace, select Mange Workspaces under the " menu select icon " menu next to an ESP integration on your Admin Email Services page.

See our list of direct ESP integrations at Exporting Emails From Dyspatch.

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