Different User Types in Dyspatch

There are four types of available roles in Dyspatch: Organization Administrator, Workspace Owner, Workspace Editor, and Workspace Viewer. Organization Administrators have full access to all workspaces. The Workspace Owner, Editor, and Viewer roles are given access only to the workspaces where they have been added as collaborators.

The table below outlines what each role is able to accomplish in Dyspatch.

Viewer Editor Owner Org Admin
View templates
Add and remove images
Edit templates x
Approve templates for a workspace x x
Export published templates for a workspace x x
Approve templates for any workspace x x x
Manage a workspace's collaborators x x
Manage any workspace's collaborators x x x
Manage workspaces in the organization x x x
Manage blocks x x x
Remove pinned blocks x x x
Manage locale groups x x x

Roles Overview

Workspace Viewer

A Viewer is able to access templates and drafts for viewing only.

Workspace Editor

An Editor's workflow is focused on building and managing template content. Editors can create, edit, and test drafts with the Dyspatch editor. An Editor can create content but will need approval from their workspace's Owner or an Organization Administrator to publish their work.

Workspace Owner

A Workspace Owner is a gatekeeper for their workspace's published content. They are able to approve template drafts and manage collaborators for their workspace.

Organization Administrator

Organization Administrators have access to any content in all workspaces in their organization. They can publish drafts and manage collaborators for any workspace. Organization Administrators are the only users who can create and remove workspaces.

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