Exporting a Dyspatch Template to Klaviyo

Use our integration with Klaviyo to deliver engaging email experiences to your customers.

Build and Approve in Dyspatch

In Dyspatch, use the drag and drop email editor to create a beautiful, responsive, and engaging email template. Collaborate with your team to approve the template and publish it.

Once your template has been reviewed and approved by your team, you can move it into your Klaviyo account by exporting it with our Klaviyo Integration, or you can download your template to upload it to Klaviyo manually.

Exporting a Published Template with the Klaviyo Integration

After you've added the Klaviyo integration and published a template, click Download/Export, select Export to Integration, and choose Klaviyo. Confirm or change your template name, choose the Klaviyo List/Segment you would like to use, and click Confirm & Export.

Note that in order to successfully export to Klaviyo, you will need set your template’s metadata to include a sender email address and sender name. You can configure defaults on the [Integrations page](https://app.dyspatch.io/admin/apps-integrations).
Exporting to Klaviyo

Downloading Your Email Template

To manually download your template for Klaviyo, click the Download/Export button and select Django, then save the file locally.

Downloading your Template

You can then create a new template in your Klaviyo account by importing your html file.

Learn More

Read more about working with Klaviyo in Dyspatch on our Klaviyo Integration page.

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