Exporting a Dyspatch Template to Braze

Use Dyspatch and Braze together to simplify your email creation lifecycle and deliver engaging email experiences at scale.

Build and Approve in Dyspatch

In Dyspatch, use the drag and drop visual editor to create a beautiful, responsive, and engaging email template. Collaborate with your team to approve the template and publish it.

Once your template is published, you can move it into your Braze account by exporting it with our Braze integration, or you can download your template to upload it to Braze manually.

Braze Integration

Connect your Braze account to Dyspatch and export templates to your Braze account in a couple of clicks.

Connect your Braze Account

You will need to create a Braze API key with Templates permissions enabled. Once you have your Braze API key you are ready to set up your Braze integration in Dyspatch.

In the Administration portal, open your username drop-down menu, and select Integrations. Go to API Keys Page link in username dropdown

You may need to unlock integrations for your team's account. Reach out to our support team to get integrations set up.

Enter your Braze API key, select an export method for localized templates and add a short description that your team will see when exporting.

Localized Template Export Methods

Use Dyspatch to localize your template and you can create emails that support multiple languages or locations. With your new Braze integration you can choose to export localized templates with either the Braze property Language or Most Recent Locale

Language will export your template's localizations using Braze's ${language} attribute. Our Braze exporter will use only the language code set in the localization: en or fr

{% if ${language} == 'en' %}Hello!{% elsif ${language} == 'fr' %}Bonjour!{% else %}Hello!{% endif %}

Most Recent Locale will export your template utilizing Braze's ${most_recent_locale} attribute. Our Braze exporter will use the entire locale code from the localization: en-US or fr-CA

{% if ${most_recent_locale} == 'en_US' %}Hello!{% elsif ${most_recent_locale} == 'fr_CA' %}Bonjour!{% else %}Hello!{% endif %}

Check with your team to find out which localization option works best for your team and your particular Braze account. You can read more about localized Braze campaigns here in the Braze Documentation

Exporting a Published Template with the Braze Integration

With a Braze integration added to Dyspatch after you click Download/Export you can now select Export to Integration and send your Dyspatch template to your Braze account.

Exporting a template to Braze with the Braze integration is fast

Exporting any newly published draft will update the template in Braze. Any changes to the name once published will also update the template in Braze.

Find your template in the Templates & Media > Email Templates section of your Braze account.

Download Your Template

You also have the option to download your template and upload it to Braze manually. Once you have published your template in Dyspatch you can select Download/Export within the Dyspatch editor. Braze supports Liquid as its templating language, so select Liquid and download your template. Any DML variables and templating logic will be translated to Liquid automatically.

Download your template in Liquid

Your download will be a zipped folder containing everything you need to get your template ready in Braze.

Add Your Dyspatch Template to Braze

Within Braze, select Templates & Media from the sidebar and create a new email template using the From File option. Select and upload the zip file downloaded from Dyspatch.

Click the From File option in the Templates & Media Section
  • Template Name: We recommend using the same name used for the template in Dyspatch.
  • Sending Info: Enter your subject line from Dyspatch, you can find it in the metadata text file included in the Dyspatch download.
  • Preheader: If you have already added a preheader in Dyspatch, you can leave the "Preheader" field empty.
Editing the braze templates sending info
Make sure Inline CSS in the Sending Info section is not selected. Dyspatch takes care of this by making sure your emails are robust and responsive, making it so CSS inlining with Dyspatch email templates is not needed.

Once you have finished building and previewing your email template save and you are done! Your template can be found in the Templates & Media > Email Templates section of your Braze account. You can now use this email template to start sending engaging email messages to your customers!

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