Localizing with XTM Cloud

Our XTM Cloud integration lets you sync your localization workflow between your Dyspatch account and XTM project.

Dyspatch supports two levels of localization for your templates — Template Localization, for editable content that will change from template to template (like your text content), and Block Localization, for content that will be consistent between templates (like headers and footers). Once your XTM integration has been set up, you will be able to sync both your template and block localizations to XTM.

To get started, navigate to your template or block's Localizations tab and click Add Locale to add any locales that you would like to sync with XTM. Currently, this is only supported for individual locales, not locale groups.

Make sure all locales that you are using in Dyspatch are configured on the XTM user before syncing.

When your locales are ready, click Sync to XTM, enter a name for your XTM Project, select a XTM Project Template, and click Confirm & Sync.

Sync to XTM option in the Template Editor

You will now see a progress bar in your editor which shows the current status of your localizations in XTM. For template localization, your content will now be locked for localization, meaning that no content can be changed. Once the XTM process is complete, we'll automatically update each locale in Dyspatch with the translated content and unlock your template. For block localization, you may want to bulk update your block so that your changes will appear in your templates.

View XTM Job Status in the Template Editor
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