SendPulse Integration Setup

Link your Sendpulse account to Dyspatch with just a few clicks and your team can effortlessly export your exceptional emails.

Connect your SendPulse Account

First, log into SendPulse and go to the Account Settings page and navigate to the API tab. Note the "ID" and "Secret" fields, you'll be using them in Dyspatch.

SendPulse API settings page

Next, navigate to the Apps & Integrations page in Dyspatch. Click on Add Integration and select Email Service Provider as your Integration Type. From the Choose an Integration dropdown menu, pick SendPulse. Enter your Client ID and Secret from SendPulse and add a description, then finalize your setup by clicking Add Integration.

Dyspatch add SendPulse integration

You're done! Templates exported from Dyspatch will be found in SendPulse under Email Templates and can be used in Campaigns, Automation360, and via the SendPulse transactional API.

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