Setting Design Guardrails

There are several ways to set up design guardrails in Dyspatch to ensure that all of your templates maintain consistent branding — while still allowing the flexibility to reuse your blocks to create any templates you need.


Themes let you set default styles to define the basic look and feel of your templates to ensure that your branding will stay consistent. Only blocks that have been added to a theme will be available to use in the email editor when creating templates.

Theme Standard Editor

Pinned Blocks

For blocks that should be in every template (like headers and footers), you can pin them to templates by going to the Themes page and selecting your theme, clicking the three-dot menu on your block, and selecting Pin to Templates. Pinned blocks will be applied automatically to all new templates created using this theme, and can only be removed by an Organization Administrator.

Pinning a block in a theme


Establish your branding colors by adding up to 12 colors to your theme's Color Palette. The Theme Only Color Picker Permission option will only allow users to customize editable template elements using the theme's defined color palette, while the Theme & Custom option will display the theme's color palette but allow users to manually input a different color.

Theme Color Palette

Editable Blocks

An element in a block needs to be marked as editable with a unique name in order to be editable when creating a template. You can also use editable-fields to only allow specific attributes to be editable (for example, having the text of a dys-button be editable but the href be fixed), and use editable-styles to allow certain element styles to be changed.

Block with editable and non-editable text

Approval Workflow

As a final guardrail, before a template draft can be published and exported, it must be approved by a Workspace Owner of Organization Administrator. This ensures that there will always be a final review before any emails are sent.

Approving a Draft
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